Postgraduate Institute of Management Welfare Society (PIMWS)


Dr. Senaka Kelum Gamage,
Message from the Patron

If someone asks me ‘How do you define an Organisation?’, my shortest and, seemingly the best answer is ‘Staff is the Organisation’. Can we ever imagine an organisation sans its staff? These two components are inseparable and interdependent. The point I wish to stress herein is that “An organisation is as good as its people”. To quote Steve Jobs, famous American entrepreneur ““It’s not the tools you have faith in–tools are just tools–they work, or they don’t work. It’s the people you have faith in or not.”

The point I need to emphasise is that maintaining the desired link between the staff and the organisation is the prime role of the Welfare Society. The Welfare Society, in fact, creates the ‘bonhomie’ or the genial working environment, that invigorates the staff, through a well planned and efficiently executed set of welfare measures. The PIMWS has already proved its mettle by making the membership aware of the Action Plan they have planned to execute in the current year: 2023.

Let me, therefore, congratulate the PIM Welfare Society, for voluntarily taking over the honourable task of ensuring the welfare of their teammates.


K. A. I. Kalyanaratne
Message from the President - PIMWS - 2023

I humbly appreciate the faith reposed in me, by the membership, in its entirety, to shoulder the onerous and the honourable task of spearheading the affairs of the PIM Welfare Society in the current year, i.e., 2023. As I have been blessed with a Welfare Committee comprising a set of  well experienced, mature and committed members, my task of spearheading the affairs of the Society would become all the more easier and enriching.
I strongly feel that the acronymed PIMWS is of the membership, and is for the membership. We are the custodians of this TRUST appointed for a specific period. Hence, while our role is to improve on and enhance the gamut of benefits the members have gained thus far, through a well structure Activity-Plan, we also need to follow the Society’s Constitution, to the hilt, as it’s our Mother-Document. Further, if there are loose ends in it, it’s our utmost responsibility to notify and educate the membership, and close those gaps. These may, otherwise, hinder the Society’s future activities. In this endeavour experience gained as President-PIMWS in the years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 as well as in 2016 has provided useful insights for its furtherance.     

The Activity Plan the Committee has meticulously studied and ratified has already been circulated, for the membership to know what is in the offing for them, and also to work out what is coming in an going out of our kitty. What has been circulated is now in the public domain, and it thus provides a guiding light for us to follow.



The Postgraduate Institute of Management Welfare Society

Being the country’s primier management mentor, the PIM  rests on the epithet that ‘staff is the organisation’. This underscores the fact that the Institute’s staff is destined to play a determinant role in the growth, progress and sustainability of the organisation.


(a) to fulfill the economic, social and cultural needs of the membership as well as to promote friendship, understanding, mutual assistance, benevolence and self assistance among the membership.  
(b)To indulge in all other unspecified activities conforming to the aforesaid overall objective at (a) above, that have been ratified at general meetings of the membership.


President: Mr. K. A. I. Kalyanaratne
Vice president: Ms. Dilani Gunawardena
Secretary: Ms. Subhani Balasuriya
Vice Secretary: Mr. Jude Prabudda Perera
Treasurer: Ms. Carmaline Nicholas

Committee Members:

Mr. Chamal Dissanayake
Ms. Dilani Manushika
Mr. Sudesh Hettiarachchi
Mr. Sisira Perera


Dr. Dilhan Goonetileke

Mr. Samantha Rathnayake

Mr Champal de Costa

Mr. Samantha Rathnayake

Mr. Jayantha Newunhella

Mr. Samantha Rathnayake

Mr. K. A. I. Kalyanaratne
2010, 2012, 2013, 2016

Mr. Sisira Athuraliyage

Mr. Chamal Dissanayake






Constitution of PIMWS
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Annexure II - Suwa Diriya
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Annexure IV

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